Do what you love and you’ll never have to work…

I may do this for a living but it’s not a job. I always have a camera with me, even a little point-and-shoot. I can’t quite get used to smartphone cameras. I just like actual BUTTONS! You don’t need a big camera just a decent point and shoot! This is what I use… Video.

I’m emotional, competitive, obsessive and a little rebellious in nutshell that’s my photographic style right there.

I could go on about my qualifications and camera skills and all that BS but there are loads of photos on this site better than the words I’m capable of, instead of CV speech let me introduce myself.

I was born in the Age of Aquarius… and am one… 1969… I have as much energy and fervor today than I ever had. My favourite types of films tend to be dark comedy. Horrors just freak me out…  not “hide under the bed” freak me out but “what if” freak me out. One of my favourite films ever is WALL-E and the reason is because the movie portrays such incredible emotion with virtually no words and expressionless machines, it is simply brilliant. And yeah I love Game Of Thrones of course!

I have awesome friends and an awesome life, everyday is another day to explore. My family are incredible and I’ve got a gorgeous and wonderful wife who tolerates me for some reason, thank you babe!  I have two daughters who knock my socks off… my older one has a very dry sarcastic sense of humour, seems like this is the only thing I’ve imparted so apologies to the world for that. Thank goodness she didn’t pick up my IQ she wouldn’t be the straight A student she is.

My younger daughter is a carbon copy of her mum … it’s like I wasn’t even there when this gorgeous little creature was made…  she’s kind, caring and loving just like her mom.  She bounces around the house singing and dancing all day long… there is always music in our house! She climbs trees and would rather play than watch TV.

Responsible people scurry from hour house at braais (barbeques) There will be music, if it’s possible there’s going to be a dance and a late night to follow! I’m an 80’s teen and yeah really good music but to get my groove on I need a beat! I’m a bedroom DJ… I think it makes my 15 year old daughter cringe a little… my 9 year old knows no better yet so tolerates me… for now…

I ice skated for years and still love it…. whoooooa there sparky, not figure skating ice hockey…. in sunny South Africa..? I sent my mom a formal letter questioning why I was born in South Africa, it was ignored. Don’t get me wrong I love South Africa but I really love skiing and just about anything to do with snow and ice… Somewhere in Canada there’s a guy wondering why he wasn’t born in SA playing rugby …

I’ve been fortunate to travel and yes I have fantastic pictures of ALL of it… if I’m not in front of the camera it’s because I was behind it. The eternal curse of the photographer perpetuates. There are few things I won’t try at least once although I’m rather daunted at the thought of jumping out of a plane!  Oh and bugs … bugs are other bugs food end of! I’m no Bear Grills!