I do Wedding Photography  

I do Fun, I do documentary, I do pose, I do “boring formals”, I do candids and I do direct and when I can I do “different” too.

  • Fun  – I make bad jokes… sometimes I make good jokes,  I even laugh at my own jokes. If I can get you to laugh then it makes my job and your experience awesome!
  • Documentary – Capture what’s going on, choose the right angles look for the right moments and light.
  • Pose: Yes I’ll ask for poses sometimes because I know how to make you look and feel incredible in your wedding pictures.
  • Candids – and documentary are kinda the same thing, it’s joy smiles and happiness. Those little looks and a young lady being repremanded after she thought the confetti bucket made a far more impressive hat instead. It’s what we love to see in life.
  • Boring formals – I call these crime-scene photos, you know the family photos and group shots. They are the must-haves, the one’s people least like doing on the day but… be warned… as time marches on these become some of the most precious pictures we’ll ever own.
  • Direction – I’m not going to leave you there standing like a new kid in the playground in the first day of school. You won’t be lost as we work together and I’ll have you laughing… at me or with me… probably at me!
  • Different – but never for the sake of it, I’ve seen some very “different photos” and they are bad!!!! Feel like a laugh have a look at “Russian wedding photos” – to all the good Russian photographers out there (there are many!) I’m sorry! I know it’s only a handful that have shamed you.

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Family Photography

My approach to family pictures is first to capture the obvious, people in groups, portraits and all the usual kind of thing. Then I play, I get my subjects to mess around with each other, this relaxes everyone resulting in fun natural and incredible pictures!

Family portfolio…

Engagement photography

An engagement shoot is a must, it is such a great way to get to know your photographer and also get great pictures of such a special time. Many of my couples use this opportunity to do a few fun pictures to be used in the save the date too!

Instead of a guest book!

I’ve had a few couples choose to have a portrait of themselves in a frame without glass. Guests sign directly on the portrait and the glass is put in later, this is one “guest book” that doesn’t end up in a drawer somewhere!

Going against the “norm”

Pictures don’t have to be boring, sure we do the must have pictures because they do have their place, after this its time to have a little fun and be creative, if this appeals to  you then we will create magic together.

Engagement Portfolio…

Corporate and event photography

I have a full compliment of portable lighting and portable backdrops. In most cases I’m able to shoot at your offices for most corporate work.


I’ve shot events from the very beginning, well over 10 years now so if you need an event photographer please contact me.

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