What to wear to an Engagement Shoot

What to Wear to your Engagement Shoot you may ask? Here are a few tips to help you style your own shoot.

Why what you wear is important

The outcome of your engagement shoot is so much about styling.  Although I don’t want you to stress about finding the perfect outfit there are a few things you need to know.  I once had a couple arrive in “what they felt comfortable” in and the result was a beautifully dressed girl with her fiance in tracksuit pants and a spongebob square pants t-shirt.  The whole shoot looked like a catalogue shoot for Sir Sponge Bob himself.

So while I want you to be yourselves it also helps to do a little preparation before your engagement shoot.

Compliment Each Other

This does not mean arriving in matching outfits!  Wear colours or shades of colours that compliment each other.  You could both be wearing shades of blue and coral for example.

Sometimes clients choose to wear neutral colours like beige, grey or denim and then bring in shades of pastel colours.  Don’t be afraid of bold colours too they can really pop in a photoshoot.  Navy blue and bright red for example.  You could be wearing a red dress and he could be wearing red shoes or a scarf.  It brings the whole look together.

Dress like you are both heading to the same place.  The last thing you want is your partner in casual attire while you look like you are about to head down the red carpet.  Agree on something you are both comfortable with.

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Compliment the Location

Think what would work well at your location and make sure the outfit is not out of place.

Wearing denim shorts and a red polka dot bikini top with a red balloon might seem like great styling but it will be out of place by a river with autumn leaves everywhere.  Beach would be a better location for that.  You can however get away with coats and boots at the beach if it has stormy winter clouds as your backdrop.  Think about what works well with your location.

Consider an outfit change half way through your engagement shoot

This is a great way to switch things up a bit.  You could begin with a more formal look and then step down into a more casual slops and shorts look for example.  Or you could start with something more traditional and move to something more quirky or out of the box.

Engagement shoots should be about fun and stepping into an area you have not been before.  If you don’t usually wear makeup try have fun with a little bit and if you do normally wear makeup try some bright pink lipstick or “get lashed” by Simone’s Lash & Beauty Lounge.  Flawless Lash Extentions done by a true artist.  Simone does incredible work and it shows in the photos.  Remember makeup off camera shows up more drastically then on camera.

Comfort is Key so bring the following to your photoshoot.

  • If you want to wear high heels bring a pair of slip slops so you can move in comfort from location to location.  Nothing worse than trying to navigate from rock to rock in a pair of silhouettes (like I would know!)
  • Bring a gown to put over your outfit if it is cold.  There are times where your partner might be being photographed on his own and you can keep yourself warm in the meanwhile.
  • If it is hot bring iced water to keep yourself cool and hydrated.  Bring an umbrella to keep the direct sun off you in between sessions.  Engagement or wedding photo-shoots can be unpredictable weather wise especially in Spring and Autumn.

Make up Artist – To do or not to do

If you are planning on having a make-up trial for you wedding this is a good time to do it.  A makeup artist can highlight your best features and give you the confidence booster to feel your best so you can have fun with the camera.

It will be the final polish that puts your look together and helps make the whole engagement shoot an experience to be remembered.

Think of it as an investment for your photos.  Why not be the best version of yourself.  You will look back at the photos and remember just how confident and wonderful you felt on the day.

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Some of the recommended make up artists I have worked with are:

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