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You just never know – Model Nandi

The other day my girlfriend Tiffany came home telling me about this spunky new girl who had just started working for their company “She’s awesome and you should take some shots of her”  this is normally a line that makes most photographers run a mile!

I’m in the process of training Tiff to shoot, she has an amazing eye for children’s photography. I’m teaching Tiffany by having her shadow me, we decided to set up a few shoots so the new “spunky girl” at work sounded perfect!

We arranged a shoot and I gave it no further thought till I met Nandi, wow! Not only was she spunky as promised she was gorgeous. Although it was the first time she had ever done studio work she was brilliant, posing is something that some people just have… Nandi  has it!

Shoot info:
Canon 5d MII, 24-105 f4, ISO 100, f8, 160th
Lighting: Alien Bee’s – Beauty dish with Grid – 1.2 M Octobox.
The shot outside was limiting to say the least, the wind was howling like mad and getting too creative with lights would surely have meant the death of a flash. In the end I mounted 1 speedlight camera right triggered by a pocket wizard. The speedlight was unmodified not by choice but increasing the surface area would have just made a big “sail” for the wind.

Greg Lumley - Semi Nude Model
Greg Lumley
Greg Lumley - Lingerie

6 Responses to You just never know – Model Nandi

  1. Hey Greg,
    Love these pics :) Tiff was right!
    I often find myself staring at folks in public, thinking how I would shoot them and what awesome photos I could get… they probably think I’m crazy!

  2. WOW WOW WOW I would put some of those on my wall – she has a super look – you have made her look like a superstar! Well Don to you all!

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