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Our Wedding Place names – warning 102 images!

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At Michelle and Duvaldi’s awesome and conventional yet totally unconventional wedding the couple had spent time making up individual place names for each of their guests (more about it here)

As far as wedding ideas go this is one of the most original, unique and personal ideas I’ve ever seen and I absolutely loved it at the time.

I myself recently got married (October the 8th) to a my awesome girlfriend now wife Tiffany ;-) !! When Tiff and myself got engaged and we started planning the wedding I already knew exactly how we were going to do the place names!

Of course there are lots of awesome photos to come… who was our photographer is first question I get?? My very good friend and fantastic wedding photographer Yvette Gilbert!

Back to the place names or more like nametags, it took time, each one was done with a “Polaroid” type frame then we had them laminated, a quick trip to a business stationary shop and we had clips for them. Tiffany told me later it took over an hour to set them up at the tables but was a great hit at the wedding and so worth it!! (exactly as it had been at Michelle and Duvaldi’s)

Another spin off was getting to know each of the guests in a small way, especially those who I’d not met before ;-)

There was also one more spin off, people got to know each other because they were all curious about each others nametags…

Thanks Duvaldi and Michelle for your very inspirational idea!!

NB! One of the Name Tags is rather risque, you have been warned!

[greg_gal id=”285″]

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