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Summer Place Wedding – Loren and Greg

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Loren and Greg flew me up to Johannesburg to do their wedding photography, it’s always such a compliment when a client does that because I know a few fantastic photographers up there! I also worked with the amazing videographer Andrew Alexander  who was also flown up from Cape Town

The wedding venue was the breathtaking Summer Place… or at least I’d heard it was amazing anyway. Sure it looked fantastic on their website but lets face it we’ve all been to places that looked great on their sites but failed to impress on the day.

When I arrived at the venue I was gob-smacked, it really is quite unbelievable to say the least and hard to believe that it was once a private residence, the original owner Marino Chiavelli spared no expense whatsoever. Imagine then what an unbelievable wedding venue such a beautiful place would make and this is where Greg and Loren had chosen do have their wedding, wow, lucky me! :-)

For their wedding the couple booked my destination package which comfortably covers the whole day so I was able to spend more than enough time with the groom and groomsmen prior to popping over to the ladies! It truly is worth “gold” when clients allow you enough time to work with them and are also enthusiastic! Check out this article on how to sabotage your wedding photos on how NOT to sabotage your wedding photos ;-)

I love weddings where you and your clients “fit” we all did, from the groomsmen to the bridesmaids and most importantly Greg and Loren, this always makes the images not only fun to shoot but all the better too! Check out the shots with the bridesmaids and groomsmen further down and you’ll see what I mean!

As with many weddings the schedule ran late so I had very little time to work with Greg and Loren as a couple but this did not worry me because I knew we’d be able to get some great nightshots (my forte) later.

Danie de Jager’s, The dragon, horses and maidens sculpture is breathtaking! It truly is a little piece of the Trevi Fountain in Rome (I’ve been there! ;-) of course we used it in a shot but truth be told I would love to have put Loren and Greg in the water… Greg’s response was “You first” then a retraction as he realised that my wet clothes would make far less of an impression than his and Loren’s soaked dress at their wedding, you can’t blame me for trying!

What!?!? Don’t shake your head, I’ve got pictures of of a bride jumping into a pool at the end of her wedding! Really…

Thank you for an awesome time shooting your wedding, I had great fun!


[greg_gal id=”379″]

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  1. OH MY WORD! I am shocked after seeing this? What were you thinking???
    This is so not like you?

    I did not think it is possible for you to improve, but you did.
    Well done! Good show!

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