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Viral Cape town picture for sale – $35000.00 USD

Cape Town Image for Sale

This exclusive Cape Town picture is for sale to an exclusive owner as a buyout image. All copies you may have seen are low resolution, no high res version of this image has been distributed whatsoever.

Buyout price: $35000.00 USD (Please note, not other options are available)

A little history:

Quite some time ago I took this aerial picture of Cape Town, at the time I had no idea just how popular it would become! I posted a low res version of it on Facebook WITH my branding on the bottom and within minutes this “Awesome Cape Town” pic someone had taken was flying around Facebook and email. My branding had been stripped off the bottom and the original picture already had over 1000 shares and likes by the time it got back to me 2 hours later. Since then I’ve seen it come up again and again with massive amounts of shares… I’ve given up contacting Facebook to have them remove copies of the image with the branding removed. Luckily the copy that is out there is extremely low resolution and “powdery” as hell!

I was both very flattered and annoyed because my branding had been removed! Since then I’ve “sat” on the image not quite sure what to do with it. I get requests to buy prints or to use it in adverts on a weekly basis and frankly it’s just not my thing and worth the hassle. I also realize the if I let just one high resolution digital version out it’s going to magically appear everywhere!

No one has a high res copy or print of this image

To date no one has a high res version of this image except obviously myself.  It is a stitched 40 Megapixel image taken from a helicopter on one of the most beautiful day’s I’ve ever seen in the Mother City!  At the time I was less than pleased with those clouds, it turns out I would have been very wrong to remove them if I could have. To date not one person who has seen the image has not said “This is the best picture of Cape Town I’ve ever seen”

Viraly shared and selected as #1 picture in various blogs describing how beautiful cape town is.

I wish I could claim true fame for this image but honestly I was in the right place at the right time, everything just worked and this is why duplicating the image is virtually impossible.

The image is for sale as a digital high res  buyout  with the exception that I keep a small print for myself autographed by the new owner.

If you have a print of this image it will be the only one, I don’t even have a print of it myself.

I see this image being sold exclusively to someone who would like to include the ONLY known print in their home.  Upon finalization of sale I will relinquish all rights to the image to the new owner. Should the new owner choose to use it for further sales or advertising… well that’s up to them.  It will after all be theirs to do with as they please.

In case you are wondering:

  • Copies: Sorry but no prints have or will be sold as a “special favour”
  • Format: The image is available in digital jpg format so after purchase I will collaborate with the new owner on what format it is to be printed in.
  • Image Type: It is a stitched panoramic image shot in Raw and saved as JPG  – 40 Megapixels so it will make a very large print if chosen.
  • Original files: Yes I do still have the raw files archived.
  • Price: Yes you read correctly that is Thirty Five Thousand United States Dollars ($35000.00 USD)

For further details please email me.



14 Responses to Viral Cape town picture for sale – $35000.00 USD

  1. $35,000!! Wow, I’m in the wrong business. It’s an awesome pic, but I can go see the real thing 10x over for that price.

  2. Hi Jess, nope still available… I suspect it will take some time before it does sell but I’m confident it eventually will :-)

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