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Tips for styling your engagement shoot so that it just works!

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Here area  few tips for styling your engagement shoot so that it just works! I see pictures fail all the time but it isn’t that difficult.  For this post I’ve used the ever awesome, Keri and Ivano’s photos which came out beautifully. Here are a few words from Keri.

Why the theme? – “We got engaged in Tuscany and spent so much of our time on a vespa cruising through the streets, we wanted to keep the Italian theme.”

The denim worked well, what made you choose that? -“We just throught the denim theme would look hot on a red vespa:) Actually a friend who works in fashion gave us the idea :)”

  • My Top Tip! Follow-through!
    • For all the points below the the top tip is follow-through, think of every element and bring them together, wardrobe, hair, makeup and very important your own personalities.
  • Collaborate with your photographer
    • I’m not the best stylist in the world but I can tell you what won’t work and help you make a few informed decisions
  • Props props props! – even hire them if you have to, it will make all the difference and with some clever thinking you don’t need a lot.
    • Avoid toy props, they often look cheap and to be quite frank, crappy.
  • Set the scene – choose backgrounds that work or are at least neutral.
    • Nobody is likely to have a picnic with a massive graffiti wall or parking lot in the background
    • Rock theme? – drum kit against a black wall, yes… against a white wall at your friends house (who never quite got round to learning how to play)… NO.
  • Match the look – Your wardrobe should fit the scene, bring extra items of clothing so you have options.
    • Grateful dead T-Shirt? Unless your theme is Rock then NO
    • Google and Pinterest are your friends- research, research research….
  • Remember who YOU are, this is a biggie! – Choose a theme that works for you as a couple, you don’t want your friends mocking you when the pictures come out!
    • I once saw a “ballet” styled shoot, she looked great, he wore tights, I’ll bet his friends will never let him live that one down.
  • The right makeup – Get your makeup properly done by a makeup artist if you can! Most makeup artists do a pre-wedding trial, book your shoot after that… then a nice dinner out.. you’ll be looking fab!
    • I can’t stress this enough, your skin will look fantastic with proper makeup and the pictures will show it.
    • If you can’t afford a makeup artist then be sure to find a good foundation, this really makes a huge difference, avoid anything that makes your skin shine.
  • Drop your theme for a few “Normal” pictures
    • Be sure to get a few neutral shots, you might look at your chosen theme a few months or years from now going “What the heck were we thinking”
    • Take a neutral outfit to so you can get a few of those “normal” pictures….


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