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FotodioX Canon EF Pro Lens Adapter review

My FotodioX Canon EF Pro Lens Adapter review…

Using Canon Lenses on your Fuji XT-2 is indeed possible albeit a compromise. I LOOOVE my Fuji Xt-2, the lens quality is incredible, the pictures are stunning and this thing is tack sharp!! Oh and it’s really light too! I moved from Canon which is a brand I still swear by by the way!

All those canon lenses… for sale?

Well yes but one of the lenses I particularly love, my 100mm macro…and I didn’t use a macro enough to buy a Fuji version.  I was elated when a search for a Canon to Fuji adaptor came up with a hit!! It’s made by Fotodiox and it works but there are issues. Here is a full review and my findings…


Here is a link to the adaptor on B&H


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