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Beach Wedding Venue Cape Town

Beach Wedding Venue Cape Town by top cape town wedding photographer.

Anna and Ryan loved everything about the beach wedding venue Strandkombuis.  Beach, open air restaurant with the sun setting over the ocean in front of all their guests.

Strandkombuis is a short drive up the west coast at a little place called Yzerfontein.  There is an untouched 16 mile beach, a few rustic looking wooden steps lead up to a wooden deck wit wooden tables and benches.  Half of the venue is covered with a Bedouin tent and the other with a fixed roof structure.  A full view of the beach and sea can be viewed from every table.

Anna and Ryan got married right on the beach.  The wedding was just perfect.  Surrounded by love and nature and everything one would want for your wedding day.

Other wedding photos taken at Strandkombuis Beach Wedding Venue:

Strandkombuis wedding venue on the beautiful Cape west coast

Another beach wedding venue closer to Cape Town: Tintwalo Atlantic

Cape Town Beach Wedding Venue

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