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Top Wedding Photographers and same sex Marriages

Top Wedding Photographers and same sex Marriages

Same Sex Marriage by Top Wedding Photographer Cape Town

Do you photograph “gay weddings”?  The first time I was asked this question I was quite surprised.  Apparently this couple seeking a wedding photographer had been turned down by several photographers.  Come on people!  Added to that there was a story of a wedding venue turning down the wedding because of the couples being lesbian.  Shocking.  Top Wedding Photographers and Top Wedding vendors should honour same sex Marriages.  They should honour love.

Top Wedding Photographers and Same Sex Marriages:  My views in short.

I have a profound respect for ethnic, cultural and social diversity.  As a top wedding photographer your job is to photograph people in love.  Couples celebrating their love in front of their family and friends.  Since when do you question what kind of love that is.  How could you find anything negative in the way two people love each other?    Love is love and it needs to be celebrated.  No judgement needed.  This is 2017 people.  Wake up!  Top Wedding photographers don’t get to discriminate.  Enough Said.

Jordan and Graunt got married at the beautiful top wedding venue Molenvliet.  They got married mid week and all their friends and family surrounded them with love and celebration.

Wedding Planner:

The fabulous Kirsty Marmerellis from Weddings Out of Africa has years of experience and has arranged over 1000 weddings including the Countess Victoria Spencer (not name dropping at all here).  If you are looking to have every important detailed covered and cared for Kirsty will arrange your dream wedding day.  A large amount of Weddings Out of Africa weddings are couples flying in from far and wide so if you are from any area of the world you can count on Kirsty to arrange your every need.

Setting the mood:  Start your celebration with fantastic music to get everyone on the dance floor

When you want to shout to the roof tops about your love there is no better way to do it then to include Three Tons of Fun.  They are an incredible way to get a party started.  Their energy is infections and their voices are insane.  Every wedding needs these three incredible artists.

Another wedding done at Molenvliet by Greg Lumley

Wine Farm Wedding Cape Town


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