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Wedding Photos at Molenvliet

Wedding Photos at Molenvliet

Top Cape Town Wedding Photographer

If you are a top cape town wedding photographer you would have shot a wedding at Molenvliet.  I cannot recommend this venue enough.  It has everything you need in one insanely beautiful wine farm.

Anande and Ryan were a simply beautiful couple and great to work with on their wedding day.  The wedding photo above is taken in their wedding venue Molenvliet‘s golf cart.  If you want some more ideas on wedding transport have a look at this blog post I wrote on Wedding Transport.

As a wedding photographer based in Cape Town you do a lot of traveling around wine farms.  Photographers generally have a lot of gear and if you have been in the industry a long time you accumulate a lot more than you actually need.

In my earlier days of wedding photography I would use a wedding to up my exercise but since wearing a heart rate monitor (last wedding 8km covered on foot and 5987 kj burnt), I have taken to hitching a ride on one of Molenvliet‘s golf carts.  Great for carrying photography gear, your photographer and videographer and more importantly champagne for the bride and groom.

Here are some of my favourite Wedding Photos at Molenvliet with Anande and Ryan.

Other weddings done by photographer Greg Lumley at Molenvliet:

Molenvliet Wedding by Greg Lumley

Nick and Kirsten – Molenvliet Wedding Photos


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