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Vrede en Lust Wedding Photos

Vrede en Lust Wedding Photos

Top Wedding Photographer Cape Town

Robyn and Jared were the most fun wedding couple to photograph.  They turned every moment of their wedding into an all time highlight and certainly injected the “fun factor” into their photos.  They got dressed, had their wedding ceremony and wedding reception at the spectacular top rated Vrede en Lust Estate.

I often get told “we don’t like having photos taken”.  If you are one of those couples that don’t like having their photos taken then my advice is the following:

  1. Choose a photographer that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.  He or she must gel with your personality and be able to put you at ease, make you feel fabulous.
  2. Your wedding photographer must be good at directing and setting up natural moments without putting the pressure on you to perform.  You are not a model.  This is your wedding day.  Your photographer’s job is to make you have so much fun you walk away wanting more.
  3. Take along champagne and a brides maid or two to hold glasses, bottles and cheer-lead.
  4. Enjoy this time as a newly married couple.  Once you get back to the guests there won’t be much time for each other.
  5. Take along slipslops so you can give your feet a break when walking from spot to spot in your wedding shoes.
  6. Let your photographer’s juices flow while you relax, laugh and have the time of your life!

Jared & Robyn certainly did the above and it shows in their wedding photos!

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