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About Greg

With the flamboyance of a fashion stylist and the ingenuity of an artist, Greg can produce the most cutting edge and magnificent imagery.  His work has been described as genius, dramatically composed, quirky, “contemporary fashion meets “I do”.  But most of all his images are full of emotion.  Greg will see the tiny little glances, the hidden tears, the gentle touches .. He sees it all!

Those who have had the experience of working with Greg at a wedding will know that his endless energy and warm personality make for a perfect combination.  He will make each photo session an experience that even the most camera shy couples will have walked away having had fun.  He has a very unique way of directing the couple by creating the most natural of moments.  There is nothing he won’t stop at to get another angle lying in dirt, climbing trees and getting soaked in a the sea are just part of his process to get what he calls “Epic Photos!”

Greg lives for lighting in fact he is quite obsessed! Often customising his own lighting equipment to fulfil his needs.  Every movie, every photo is analysed from a lighting point of view and put into practice in his own shoots.  He has this magical ability to read light and make subjects and locations paramount because of the way he sees light and masterminds it.

Greg has won awards and been named one of the top South African Wedding Photographers travelling  to the most exceptional wedding destinations.  In the South African winter months he shoots weddings in the United Kingdom.  He has done a wide range of weddings from couples eloping to Cape Town to get married with no guests to high profile celebrity weddings with infinite guest lists.  Each wedding is approached in exactly the same way … with passion, energy and love for what he does …