Albums FAQ

Frequently Asked Album Questions

How do we get our image selection to you?

Once you’ve logged into your album here you can make a selection and send it to me. Here is a quick video explaining how to do that. There’s also a written version below the video:

1) First, add favourite images to your favourites section, you can make a rough selection and refine with an additional favourites folder.

2) Once happy with your favourites add them to an to the imagelist and submit them to Greg Lumley using the forms provided.

Do we get to approve the album layout and give input?

Sure but there’s an additional charge of one million dollars! OR in other words… nope! This is our thing, we’ve got a great team, we know what works and much more importantly we know what doesn’t. Don’t sweat it, we got it.

Who chooses pictures for our album?

Oh definitely YOU! Even though we’ve spent time getting to know you before and during your wedding day we know you know your peeps best! A quick heads up juuuust in case you missed it… you’ve got 30 days from receiving your album link.

How long do we have to choose pictures for our album?

30 days! Sound like a lot? It’s not, make the time for it with with a bottle of wine some romantic music and get it done! People would take months, even years don’t you know, that’s why we made roolz! If we don’t get an image selection from you then we choose on your behalf, but really we’d much rather you chose!

We can’t make up our mind can we have longer than 30 days?

Sure but there may be additional costs involved, our quotes project the approximate album cost at the time of the wedding that’s why it’s 30 days. If they go up they go up and we bill for it. We allow a maximum of 3 months after which we’ll choose for you… but we’d really really rather you choose ;-)

Do we get high res files?

Definitely! We supply the high res edited photo files for you to keep and print as you please. Just a heads up! Greg Lumley retains copyright, images may not be used for commercial purposes or resold…  oh no definitely no. But if someone wants one of your pictures lets talk and both benefit, it’s happened before you see.

Can we have the raw photos?

Can you move the Eiffel tower 3 meters to the left?

Can we have ALL the photos? You know, the ones that didn’t come out?

Can you move the Eiffel tower three meters to the right?

Do you send the album to us?

If you live in Cape Town South Africa, we’ll send your album to you! If you are anywhere else we use a courier and send you the bill. Or if you know a guy who knows a guy send them round to pick it up from us in Claremont.

We don’t want an album anymore can you refund us?

Nope I’m afraid we don’t work like that.

Hiding Specific Images from Family & Friends

As the owner of the gallery, you might want to share your gallery with family and friends but, for personal reasons, you might want to hide specific images so that they are only viewable by you. To hide or make certain images private, please do the following:

1) Log into the gallery with your Gallery Owner Password

2) Next to each image you’ll notice a “lock” icon. Click the lock to make the image private. Locked images will not be visible to anyone that logs into the gallery using the “Visitor Password” below.

3) Share the link to the gallery, with family and friends but give them the Visitor Password  instead of your “Owner Password.”

Remember, only you or anyone with the “Owner Password” can hide images. Everyone else that logs in with the “Visitor Password” will only be able to see the images that you want them to see. If you have any questions about any of our products or offerings, please feel free to contact us using the contact information below.

Ordering pictures

Pictures can be ordered from the gallery by visitors with whom you’ve shared your password. All they need to is their email and the password to login and use the built in shopping cart.