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Like really behind the scenes at a destination wedding…

a destination wedding… Quite a few people seem to think going away for a wedding or “Destination” wedding as a photographer is very exciting and all fun… It definitely is what you make it but it’s not a bed of roses. There is way more prep thank if you were shooting from home.  On the other… Continue Reading

FotodioX Canon EF Pro Lens Adapter review

My FotodioX Canon EF Pro Lens Adapter review… Using Canon Lenses on your Fuji XT-2 is indeed possible albeit a compromise. I LOOOVE my Fuji Xt-2, the lens quality is incredible, the pictures are stunning and this thing is tack sharp!! Oh and it’s really light too! I moved from Canon which is a brand I… Continue Reading

What’s in my OCF flash-bag

What’s in my OCF flash-bag, what is OCF? Well it’s an acronym for Off-Camera-Flash which means taking the flash off the camera to improve the lighting and do other cool stuff. I’ve been doing this for so many years now and it is my “thing” I love it!  I get asked a lot of questions… Continue Reading

Spider Holster Pro real world review

  So I bought myself a “spider holster pro” it’s basically a utility belt designed to carry your cameras for both convenience and to reduce back stress. At the time I thought I’d “give it a try” since I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. Well I absolutely live by this essential tool when I… Continue Reading