What services do you offer?

I’m available for all types of photography, my style tends to be more creative and artistic which will reflect your shoot:

  • Weddings
  • Trash the Dress / After-shoot (I’m not fond of the term “Trash the dress”)
  • Engagements
  • Family
  • Maternity
  • Corporate work –  this is the only area I leave the “art” behind as it doesn’t work in a corporate environment.

The one area I can’t compete is Newborn, however my wife is excellent! www.tiffanylumley.co.za

Do you travel?

Certainly, I’ve shot in many parts of the world and will go where ever a shoot takes me.

  • Flights, Car hire, Accommodation not included.
  • Pricing is not the same as local as travel time closes down days for other shoots and valuable editing time.
  • I have an EU passport.

Can we have the unedited raw files and outakes?!

LOL! Thanks for that, I needed a bit of a chuckle… now ask me a serious question.

Do you do “unposed” photos…

YES YES YES! Actually I do a mixture, I’ll capture pictures of you being who you are. Alternatively I work with what I call set-ups rather than poses. In other words I’ll set you up in the shot then I’ll get you to interact with each other…  whether it be whispering dirty words or reciting eensy wintsy spider… either way an awesome reaction happens … and so does a magical picture!

Are all your pictures “Dark”

Oh no :-)  This question links to “ordinary” photos… I only shoot “dark” pictures here and there, for the most part I capture an event as it happens. If you have any doubt I’d recommend you go through a few of my blog posts, you’ll see that my work is as soft and natural as it is creative.

Do you do “ordinary” photos

I get asked this a lot! People assume that since I have a creative portfolio that I only shoot like in this way. Not at all so many moments unfold naturally and they need to be recorded exactly as they happened … naturally and joyfully!

Do you tell us what to do (direct us?)

Oh yes, I think it’s so hard to be in front of a camera and there’s nothing worse than a photographer that leaves you “hanging” I make a point of helping you to work with me without feeling pressured. I only need one thing in exchange though… bring enthusiasm and a sense of humour!