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Mentoring for photographers…

Photography is awesome but it can be daunting, sometimes just a little shove or expert advice is all that you need to get started. I remember exactly what it was like when I did, it felt like there was just so much to learn beyond using “auto” modes on my camera. I felt almost afraid to approach people who knew more out of fear of feeling stupid, looking back how silly I was! Youtube and forums are great but really nothing works as well as being able to fire questions and have them answered right then and there, especially from an experienced professional.

If you would like to learn from me or even ask a few questions please contact me, I offer mentoring online via Skype or one on one.

Skype: €120.00 P/h

One on One: R2500.00 (ZAR)P/h

Multi hour fees can be negotiated. Contact me to arrange a session.

No question is stupid.

“Ask a question and feel like an idiot for a moment, keep quiet and be an idiot forever” ask away! I’m not embarrassed to say I was always a slow learner this has helped me understand my craft from many different perspectives which makes me an awesome teacher! I was that guy asking all the questions!

What levels do you mentor?

Any, I started from level zero and I’ve never stopped climbing – I’m great at working with people mostly and lighting and drama is what I’m well known for. Although I’m a technical person I make a point not bombarding my students with jargon till they are ready.

What can you teach?

  • “Tricks and tips” there are a few things you can do that will get you shooting way better even with your mobile.
  • Basic / Advanced camera functions and use – all cameras are the same
  • Composition –  What to think of before pressing that button – saving yourself editing time because you got it right at the begging
  • Lighting – Natural and Strobe lighting or Off Camera Flash as it’s called
  • Gear – How to start, how to buy thinking forward
  • Nikon or Canon? Neither or both, what about Fuji and Sony?? The brands mean nothing! There are a lot of really good cameras out there! All have their pros and cons.
  • People  and direction- yes you will be working with them and being good at it makes a HUGE difference in what you can deliver. “The previous photographer just made us stand there, we felt so awkward, we didn’t know what to do” If I had a buck for each time I’d heard that I’d be rich!
  • Work flow – you want to get this sorted, if you don’t you will end up wasting massive amounts of time editing.
  • Photoshop- I’m not a pro but I’m pretty good, it’s amazing what you can get out of a seemingly bland picture!
  • Lightroom – I know my stuff!
  • Post production – desktops, mouse or pen? Other little gadgets and tricks that can massively reduce how long it takes to edit.
  • File management and storage for long term, any decent photographer really should have this sorted – as a professional it’s paramount for me!

What do you need?

Enthusiasm is your number 1 tool, bring it! If you have a DSLR or a really good point and shoot, great! Really at the end of the day it depends where you want to take it.


I currently have no workshops planned however if you have a group of people that would like to learn then lets see what we can do! Please sign up to our newsletter, if any workshops come up you’ll be the first to know.


Please contact me regarding your mentoring options